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22 juin 2011 3 22 /06 /juin /2011 21:42

Yarn Bombing! Very à la mode in America, a growing trend that has slowly spread across the Atlantic and has now found its place in France. Avignon, in the south of France to be more exact. The first attempt with a handful of highly motivated knitters was on the 19th March on the Place de Corps Saints. The pieces of work didn't stay in place for very long but the group was approached by the ADQH (association de quartier des Halles), a neighbourhood committee, who ordered a yarn bombing "intervention" for their festival of the 18th June. They wanted 3 streetlights covering to light up a newly renovated but otherwise very grey square in the town centre. Needless to say that we leapt on our needles and began contacting potential "donators". The calculations said that we needed 144 squares (15x15 cm) to cover a little more than 1 meter of the street lamps. I still can't believe the generosity of the people involved in the projet. We received more than 260 knitted squares! 


Thank you so much to the ADHQ for giving us the opportunity to reunite and rejoice!

special thanks to :

le collectif Apéro tricot (tous les deux semaines au Pub Z, Avignon/ knitting group with meetings every 2 weeks in the Pub Z)

l'association En Folie (boutique créateur/cooperative craft boutique, 23 rue St Michel, Avignon)

Luzine@création (association très active dans la domaine de la création/very active craft community)

L'école Steiner à Sorgues (a school which rocks! all the kids can knit with at least 2 needles)

le Tricothé de Nyons (in particular Chloé, aka Verveine et compagnie)

and, in no particular order:

Dani, Robert, Ingrid, Capucine, Christine, Marion, Sonia, Bénédicte, Louis,  Cécile, Françoise, Chloé, Marion, Christine, mum and dad (they were there!), Sophie, Violaine, Helene, Felix and all the knitters who participated in making a little part of Avignon a more colourful place.


Sur la Place Pie, devant La Tour St Jean il se passe des drôle de choses...c'est du graffi-tricot (yarn bombing en anglais)

je suis désolée que l'article soit qu'en anglais pour l'instant. La version française arrive sous peu!



18 06 11 147



18 06 11 2031

merci à Françoise Dumon pour la 3ieme et dernière photo

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